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Anyone who was around in the early 1990's will tell you that Team One Research and Training™, (Summit
is the research and development company that first introduced the concept of F&I menus to the
automobile industry. Every menu in the marketplace today is licensed by us or is a copy of our earliest
menus. However, that was just the beginning. Through continued research and process development, and
through extensive "real world" research and trial and error with the top F & I departments in the country, we
have broken the F&I process down to an easy simple process that you can learn and use immediately. Our
training has produced the overwhelming majority of successful F&I departments in America. That's because
its simple, easy to learn quickly, and it works. We really do have the
secret to top F&I performance. There
is no software to buy, (it's included), and no ongoing fees. Just results. Immediately.
There's no question that we can show you how to become one of those top performers, virtually overnight.
And at a price that makes sense. Learning and implementing our process is easy. As a matter of fact, this is
the easiest F&I process anyone has ever shown you. And it works!
Results are what you want!
And results are what you'll get.
We are a research and process development
company. We measure everything. We don't sell any
F&I products, software, etc. Our only focus is on
showing you how to create top F&I performance. And
we give you the answers.
Go to the
Research Center to see the complete
report card that we use to measure the effectiveness
of F&I training programs and see the results you can
How do you get started?
We have several training options for you to choose from.
Probably the fastest and least expensive way to get started
is to register for our
Online Training Program. For only
$199, and just a few hours of your free time, you can get
the secrets, tips, best ideas, and the complete process,
right there at your desk. Hundreds of F&I professionals
have been successful with nothing more than this online
program. There is no time limit or tests to take. Just results.
What can you expect from a one day
Team One seminar? Simple.. Results!
Our promise is simple. You will see immediate, measurable
results using the tips, techniques, and process we teach. By
every rating system, George Angus is the most productive
F&I trainer in the country. Over the last 20 years, George
has learned how to communicate what you need to learn in
an entertaining, down to earth, effective way. There is no
embarrassing video taping or role playing, just advanced
learning techniques. After
one day with George you'll know
more about the F & I process than most people who train it.
Two Days That Will Supercharge Your F&I Performance!
Bring America's #1 F&I Training Program and F&I Trainer to
your location for two days and you can immediately join the
top F&I performers in the country.
The results you will get from this two day program are:
  • Immediate increases in F&I income and product
  • The top performing F&I process in the country
  • Free Windows based software, customized for your
    dealership and products, to print the presentation
  • Hands on training from America's highest dealer rated
    F&I trainer, George Angus.
George Angus
F&I Agents and Product Providers
Give your clients America’s  #1 F&I Training Program and Top
Dealer Rated Trainer at a price that makes sense.
In response to requests from some of the best F&I agents and
product providers, Team One Research and Training has
developed an exciting program for a small number of selected
agencies to provide the best F&I training in the country to their
dealer clients at a cost that makes sense.
Go here for details.
We are proud that we have produced the
top F&I managers in the country. Hundreds
of the top F&I departments in the country
used Team One developed processes and
training. However, working with those top  
professionals is the reason we were able to
develop the best F&I training programs and
Let us show you how to join the top
performing managers in the country.
Join Us Today!
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