F&I Training Program Performance Data
Take a look at our report card.
The overwhelming majority of the
top 500 F&I performers* in the
country are using a Team One
developed process. No other
training program, menu, software or
process even comes close. Our
process works for these top
performers and it will work for you.
*cumulative scoring
When results of F&I
training programs are
measured after 120 days,
Team One's training far
outproduces all of the
major training programs.
We do not waste your
time. You get the
answers you need to
start producing top F&I
results immediately.
It's about making money. The chart
on the left shows the average pre
and post training dollars per retail
unit from a selected group of Team
One training attendees. Many of our
F&I professionals double their
income per retail using the process
they learn from our training.
It's about selling all your products.
The chart on the right shows the
average pre and post training
product penetration percentages
from the same group of Team One
training attendees. Our process
helps you sell all of your products,
not just one or two.
F&I Directors from larger dealership
groups are a tough crowd to please.
The chart on the left shows their
performance evaluation of the top
F&I training programs. They get
immediate measurable results from
their F&I staff when they implement
Team One training and processes.
Getting a lot of cash deals? No one
has the perfect answer to cash
conversions but we have the best
one so far. We tested every cash
conversion technique in the
industry. The easy, simple, and fast
conversion technique we will show
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